In practice, it’s hard enough to get any basic online presence without breaking the bank or bankrupting the practice in the process.
Getting online reviews can be even more frustrating, especially trying to get enough to outweigh that ONE bad one.
And we all know that it’s inevitable… that in today’s world, SOCIAL MEDIA is today’s word of mouth.
DC Marketing Products is developed by a practicing chiropractor, who is certified and specializes in digital asset marketing. And a former guests on Will Work 4 Patients.

Dr. Jerry has developed many types of marketing. Other products are Google 3 Map Placement, Digital Asset Marketing, Facebook/YouTube/Google Marketing, Chatbox, Reputation Management, and Retargeting Management.

As I mentioned in my podcast, Chiropractic Review Videos features a professional spokesperson, and is comprised of a system that exploits your positive online reviews (YELP, Google, FaceBook – even in-house postings), and then distributes them all over the internet via his proprietary distribution system, which creates way more bang for your online buck.

The most unbelievable thing about these premium review videos is they’re surprisingly available for a very low price tag, one of the best marketing values out there for practices!
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– Frank

Dr. Jerry Dreessen DC, CCSP and Digital Assets Master

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Chiropractic Review Videos
$97 initial video set up and video (FREE w PODCAST SPECIAL!!)

ea add’l video: $57
Positive patient testimony and reviews that promote your clinic
Professionally Created
Multiple video talent introduce your reviews
Optimized for all search engines
Name of clinic, City, State – Geo-targeted to display on any device inside your city area. Phone number and website displayed and clickable as well.
Fully Customized
Your Lobby. Your Logo. Your Clinic Colors.
5 Star Reviews from YOUR patients!
What better way to market your clinic, than with REAL reviews, in a format that people can watch using the power of video!
Works with ALL Formats and Sizes…
Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Smart Pads – your video can be seen on any device, and shows up during local searches.

Scheduling is limited and this offer may close at any time – order today and get in before your competition does!