Marketing Budget Worksheet
Want to know what % you should be spending for a new patient?
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Press Release
Price: $100.00

One of the fastest and most powerful of digital media marketing.
Used specifically to help boost your clinic.
Use it to announce new associates, procedures, staff, marketing events
Use it to talk about types of techniques
Use it to brand yourself as a “Headache Pain Specialist”, etc.
We’ll create the Press Release and then distribute it to over 100 different media outlets, who will post it to their sites, giving you backlinks to your website, and clinic phone number allowing people in your area to get ahold of you. A great way to get started in online media.
Rebroadcast the links in all your social media: Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Linked In – tons of possibilities!

Print Media –
Screening Sites / Tradeshow Banners
Business Cards
In-House Posters

3 Step Yelp Video Review Formula
Price: $67.00
Learn how to create review videos, rank them on page 1 on Google for yourself, or for any business. Step-by-step instructions – along with an Over The Shoulder Video to teach you everything you need. Perfect for the Newbie. Includes f.r.e.e. access to easy-to-use video software.

3 Step DIY Example

Chiropractic Review Videos
$147 initial video + set up
ea add’l video: $78
Positive patient testimony and reviews that promote your clinic
Professionally Created
Multiple video talent introduce your reviews
Optimized for all search engines
Name of clinic, City, State – Geo-targeted to display on any device inside your city area. Phone number and website displayed and clickable as well.
Fully Customized
Your Lobby. Your Logo. Your Clinic Colors.
5 Star Reviews from YOUR patients!
What better way to market your clinic, than with REAL reviews, in a format that people can watch using the power of video!
Works with ALL Formats and Sizes…
Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Smart Pads – your video can be seen on any device, and shows up during local searches – see our explanation video below:

DC Marketing Blueprint
Price: $397

Over 13 Over the Should Videos that teach:
Google 3 Pack
Reputation Management
Claim your Google Business Listing
Membership site with 100’s of members currently inside

Lead Capture / Networking without a business Card
Instantly captures leads
Enters them into your funnel
No more collecting slips and entering into your funnel
No more stolen leads/lead boxes
Done for you: Dinner with Doc, Auto Accident Handout
Engages New Patients
8 different ways to add leads – Tradeshow Banners, Email Marketing, Coupon Marketing, Facebook
Capture all the names and emails to the crowd you give talks to
Quick Lead Capture at busy screening events

10 x 10 Ubiquity Footprint
Price: $247
We set up a time and ask you 20 questions
They get recorded, and added to a slide show,
captured live with your face.
Creates 20 videos that show your Clinic Name, Logo, Phone, Website, etc.
points people to a lead page with all the videos, as well as a call to action

Rank and Rent

$795 Monthly
Imagine having a City specific, Symptom specific website and video series designed to capture
leads and send them to your phone number.
Tracking phone number records first 3 min of phone conversation
Lease the site by the month, or save with our annual leasing program
Increase the amount of leads with leasing more sites with different chiropractic Niches

Want to live 200 miles outside YOUR comfortzone?

If you haven’t heard about PEMF – YOU NEED TO. Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Therapy is going to be BIG. The more you can learn about it, the sooner you can become the expert in your area. I’ve helped MagnaWave PEMF, based out of Kentucky, pioneer the product and use it in my office. To find out more go here: MAGNAWAVE PEMF WEBSITE

Pat Ziemer, founder and I created a quick ebook on the subject as well:

Magnawave ebook on Amazon:

I also created a website for chiropractors that were interested in the product:

PEMF MagnaWave for Chiropractors