Now you can turn your Yelp, Google and In-house Testimonials into 5 star review videos!


Chiropractic Review Videos

  • Professionally Created

    Multiple video talent introduce your reviews

  • Optimized for all search engines

    Name of clinic, City, State – Geotargeted to display on any device inside your city area. Phone number and website displayed and clickable as well.

  • Fully Customized

    Your Lobby. Your Logo. Your Clinic Colors.

  • 5 Star Reviews from YOUR patients!

    What better way to market your clinic, than with REAL reviews, in a format that people can watch using the power of video!

  • Works with ALL Formats and Sizes...

    Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Smart Pads – your video can be seen on any device, and shows up during local searches – see our sample video below:

Show up on Google Searches…


It’s A Known Fact …

People are searching for your services, and they are doing it at home on their PC, their Tablets AND their Smartphones. The statistics also show that they are more likely to click on a short video vs reading the same information. Chiropractic Review Videos takes your review content and turns it into an AUTHORITATIVE VIDEO that turns viewers into patients.

How can I market my practice online 24/7 in addition to my website?
How can I attract new patients visually without a Pay Per Click campaign?
How can I take my testimonials and use them outside my clinic?
How can I boost my Yelp and Google reviews already online?

These are questions chiropractors ask when it comes to marketing online. We all want new patients to see our great reviews, but HOW to do it is the tough part… until now!


Now, let me ask you a question (or two)…

What if you were able to get your positive testimonials and reviews in front of patients looking online for a good chiropractor in your town?

What if you could do it in a turn-key, done-for-you campaign that didn’t cost you money anytime someone clicked on it, and was available 24/7?

What if you could take your Yelp, Google, Angie’s List reviews and “repurpose them” into a new video?

That would make marketing your practice even easier, right? (trust me the answer is YES…)

That’s Why We Created The Chiropractic Review Videos Product

This is the simplest, easiest way for potential new patients to get a look at your great testimonials and reviews AS WELL AS your clinic, logo, phone number, website.

This process can be completed quickly, and all without having to leave your desk, or learn YouTube, or how to create personalized videos.

We’ll walk you through the whole process and gather all the information, and create a unique video that marquees each testimonial, with a professional spokesperson to attract and keep the attention of people who are looking for a good chiropractor in your town or city.

Don’t worry, this system is easy to implement, and will give your online marketing program one more tool to attract new patients, whether you order just 1 video, or choose our 2 – 5 review videos per month program.

To get started today, click on one of the choices below (BASIC, STANDARD, PREMIUM) and transform your testimonials into an eye-catching video that will attract and inform online searches who are looking RIGHT NOW for a great doctor, with great reviews!

Here’s What You Need to Do to Get Started:

STEP ONE: Fill Out our Basic Information Form (Name, Logo, Address, Phone, URL)

STEP TWO: Tell us how many reviews you have to set up ( if you Selected a Multiple Video Reviews Package)

STEP THREE: Send us your written/recorded reviews (audio and video) – we’ll download the ones on YELP and Google or any other review sites you are on.

STEP FOUR: Include a picture of your lobby or outside your clinic

STEP FIVE: Tell us about your clinic – or we can take it from your website

STEP SIX: Add any specialties you want us to include

STEP SEVEN: ENJOY! Receive an email from us each time your video is posted LIVE on the internet

STEP EIGHT: Use the video on your own website or Facebook post

Choose the Package that Works Best for You:

Please call for prices

**After purchase, you will be sent to a special link to download a form to gather all your information

IRON CLAD 100% Money-back Guarantee

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